Monday, April 8, 2013

Mommaz Jalapenos

I make a different kind of Jalapeno popper then most and the result i leave them begging for more. I might not have came from Texas but i adapted the cooking quickly and added my own zest too it. 
20 M-L jalapenos halved & seeded leave stem on
2 pkgs bacon
Mixture for middle
1 block cream cheese
1/2 cup shredded cheese moteray jack
1/4 cup bleu or fetta cheese
3 Tablespoons dry Fiesta ranch mix
1/2 cup tiny shrimp thinly diced
1/2 cup shredded crab or lobster meat
mix all ingredients fill jalapeno halves wrap a piece of bacon around covering the cheese mixture and bake in oven at 375 30-45 minutes or till bacon is fully cooked. 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Orgaic Living

Organic living is so much easier then you think, and so much healthier then other products. Everything you put into your body affects your daily living. Think about when you drink too much alcohol, you get a hangover (alcohol poisoning). The same goes for food, the pesticides and hormones they give to the plants and animals are digested in our bodies. Our blood and fat cells are little sponges for all the toxin we take in daily. Ever wonder why there is so much sickness? Why are people getting immune to disease or antibiotics? Its because we are putting the crap into our bodies on a daily basis, slowly but surly we are killing ourselves and families. For starters organic food can be found anywhere practically and its mostly the same price as other foods. 
I shop at Wal-Mart 4 times a week and they have lots of organic food. There are different levels of organic and you want  to read the labels. Once you make the change you will not only notice a difference in taste but the food last much longer. You will start to feel more energized and you will lose weight. See other food products that have the toxins stays around your fat cells which makes it uneasy to burn/melt fat cells. If you take the toxins away it makes your fat cell vulnerably to loss. I also use an organic castle soap by Dr. Bronner. This soap is amazing, you can use it for anything.
The food products that have hormones and antibiotics in them like milk & meat build up and we as a human who are living somewhat healthy have those in us. But when we get sick we wont respond to the antibiotics the doctors give us because we have been living with a level already in our bodies. If we take them out of our lives then when we do need medications they will work. Its like a drunk, they can drink a case of beer and be fine but give a single beer to someone who has never drank and their gonna feel it! We build up immunities to everything. I don't eat organic on everything but when i do i feel so much better.
live, laugh, love

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Biscuits can be used for WHAT?

Hi there again, today i will be telling you many different things you can make with biscuits. Be sure you have your kids help with these, i started teaching my kids to cook at age 5, why you ask. A cookbook is everything they need to know to get a great start in life. Not only will it give you time with the kids it also, makes them feel like their doing a big person job plus they have to learn to read and do math! Both of my kids are excellent in the kitchen especially my 17 year old son. Yep the girls love the fact he knows how to cook and I'm not talking about hamburger helpers, that's for beginners! 
Doughnuts! my mom always used an old Rx bottle that was cleaned and made a hole in the middle of the biscuit (doughnut holes)  then she would deep fry them till they floated to the top then she would toss them in powdered sugar or what ever icing and sprinkles you have around. let the kids do the coating the grease will be hot. Let them snatch a doughnut hole if they want:)
Turnovers! Take your biscuits and roll them out flat, my kids just used their hands and pounded them always fun for the little kids. Mow for the filling that's up to you, apples, fruit or any kind of pie filling. All you have to do is put a tablespoon in the center fold it over and press the edges and bake. If you wanted you wanted to use meat or cheese those are yummy too.
Pizzas! Yes a favorite of all kiddos, roll them out and let the kids have at it. I like to chop all the toppings up and put in different bowls so the kids can pick what they like. 
You get the ideas, there are hundreds of stuffing's or toppings you can use. Enjoy these simple recipes.
live, laugh, love

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Drinking the distruction of all

I met my husband online 14 years ago, April 1st 2013 will be our 11 year anniversary. Has it been easy NO! for the most of the beginning it was great then comes kids, layoffs, bankruptcy, college and i cant forget DRINKING. And when i say drinking it was on both parts yet for different reasons. He was busy and stressed, i was lonely and angry. we pulled apart yet stayed together for the kids i think. 2 years ago i was so empty inside from him sleeping on the couch for the last 3 years and drinking nightly i finally did it. I filed for divorce. For the next 3 months we both sobered up, i was done even though i still loved him deeply. I prayed daily for God to show ME what i needed in my life, mind you i moved from Illinois to Texas two months after i met him online to be with him. YEAH! That's what i was thinki9ng at this time Shit what did i do? Well the weekend before the kids had to go back to school i was working (my vehicle is needed for work) it broke down on that Friday. After exhausting my efforts to call any of my friends to drive me on the mail route i had no one. I had just gave him a screaming session the day prior so i knew it would be a no from him, i called him anyway..... He was there to rescue me in 10 minutes, the same thing happened the next day with my car. for 3 days in a row of asking God to show me who i needed and he was the one kind enough to help me out the woman who was dragging him through hell i finally realized maybe i had made a mistake. So we started talking and then a couple weeks later he took me out on a date. See we never had those he was thrown in to a premade family with me and my 3 year old who he has been dad from day one. So a date was nice, as the weeks went on we finally decided to put the divorce on hold and try it again. We got counseling and it was only through that 2nd counselor that i realized what i had to do for me to be happy. See we often take our angers, stresses or celebrations as an excuse to drink. Our drinking was too much, we drink a beer here and there but we always seem to catch us before we get out of control. I am in control of only me and my reactions, if i start to stress now i just think can i change this situation yes or no. If yes then why stress just change it, if no then oh well nothing i can do why stress. I'm not going to say i never get upset of coarse i do i have 3 teenagers who act like retarded nut bags unless they want something so its normal. Whats different is we don't turn our drinking about each other, we learned how to communicate. We use to have knock down drag out fights that would last for days even a week, now we discuss what the problem is in a calm way. How is that possible you ask? We learned that our partners happiness is more important then our own in return we both want to make each other happy. We never saw that the first 12 years of our relationship. Of all i know now is i just want to love my husband because that's all he wants to do for me, all because we stopped using alcohol as self medication. 
live, laugh, love

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spices to help you sweat

OK we all know that spices improve our health, but did you know that certain spices can help you sweat? Yep and that's what we need in our daily lives in order to get rid of the toxins that build up in our skin. See our skin is a great big spongy organ, think about it when you are in the water too long you feel weighed down. You are water logged, the same applies to the crap in the air. Everything gets absorbed in our skins like pesticides, cigarette smoke or exhaust from the cars just to name a few. I know you shower daily well i HOPE you shower daily but soap only gets the outside clean. Now don't get me on the chemicals in soap that get absorbed in your skin. However the one thing that can cleanse your skin is a really good sweat. You can get it from exercising, sitting in a sauna or some just sweat. I was never a big time sweater type of person until i started using organic products yet another blog my friends. There are a few spices you can add to your food daily to help you with the process. Ginger, my mother would make a ginger tea when i was little and sick and the whole day of drinking it i sweat like crazy. By the next day i was feeling back to normal. You can use powdered or fresh, i use either one. just boil water and throw enough ginger in there that its a bit spicy, you can sweeten it with honey to taste. I like spicy anything so I'm straight up ginger!
Now the other spice of life that helps you sweat are peppers!!! Yes my friends any kind of hot peppers, hot sauce or powdered pepper will do. I sprinkle it on everything, not only does it help you sweat which is a skin cleanser but it helps with so many other issues like lowers cholesterol, speeds metabolism, and it helps fire up the LIBADO! But we are talking about the skin and how to help you sweat so you are a little healther and you can lose weight faster too. 
live, laugh, love

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lose a pound 1/2 week

Every woman or man wants to know how to lose weight easy. There is no miracle pill or drink that will change your life unless you do it daily the rest of your life. For most people this is a challenge, especially for the busy mom and dad. Here is an easy tip you all can do daily to help boost your metabolism that takes no effort what so ever. There are 2 things i can tell you for sure that will help, but you have to replace your daily condiments with these. To make it simple to where you wont have to do this daily for your drink is.Add this honey cinnamon mixture to your morning drink, as much as you like works. use this instead of the creamer or sugar you usually use. if you are allergic to honey then try agave its just as good. you can slowly do the transition but this one step will shed 6 pounds a year. Now that don't mean go hog wild on other crap, this is just daily exchanges. As for the other substitute is instead of using may or miracle whip no matter how fat free it is its NOT! Start using mustard, you can start with mixing but end up with the hot spicy brown mustard. I like the one with horseradish, this will also speed your metabolism. And just a fact ALL hot spices speed your metabolism helping to lose weight.
Get a thing of honey mid it with 1 cup of cinnamon mix good put back in the plastic container so it is easy access.
Live, Laugh, Love