Sunday, March 31, 2013

Orgaic Living

Organic living is so much easier then you think, and so much healthier then other products. Everything you put into your body affects your daily living. Think about when you drink too much alcohol, you get a hangover (alcohol poisoning). The same goes for food, the pesticides and hormones they give to the plants and animals are digested in our bodies. Our blood and fat cells are little sponges for all the toxin we take in daily. Ever wonder why there is so much sickness? Why are people getting immune to disease or antibiotics? Its because we are putting the crap into our bodies on a daily basis, slowly but surly we are killing ourselves and families. For starters organic food can be found anywhere practically and its mostly the same price as other foods. 
I shop at Wal-Mart 4 times a week and they have lots of organic food. There are different levels of organic and you want  to read the labels. Once you make the change you will not only notice a difference in taste but the food last much longer. You will start to feel more energized and you will lose weight. See other food products that have the toxins stays around your fat cells which makes it uneasy to burn/melt fat cells. If you take the toxins away it makes your fat cell vulnerably to loss. I also use an organic castle soap by Dr. Bronner. This soap is amazing, you can use it for anything.
The food products that have hormones and antibiotics in them like milk & meat build up and we as a human who are living somewhat healthy have those in us. But when we get sick we wont respond to the antibiotics the doctors give us because we have been living with a level already in our bodies. If we take them out of our lives then when we do need medications they will work. Its like a drunk, they can drink a case of beer and be fine but give a single beer to someone who has never drank and their gonna feel it! We build up immunities to everything. I don't eat organic on everything but when i do i feel so much better.
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