Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lose a pound 1/2 week

Every woman or man wants to know how to lose weight easy. There is no miracle pill or drink that will change your life unless you do it daily the rest of your life. For most people this is a challenge, especially for the busy mom and dad. Here is an easy tip you all can do daily to help boost your metabolism that takes no effort what so ever. There are 2 things i can tell you for sure that will help, but you have to replace your daily condiments with these. To make it simple to where you wont have to do this daily for your drink is.Add this honey cinnamon mixture to your morning drink, as much as you like works. use this instead of the creamer or sugar you usually use. if you are allergic to honey then try agave its just as good. you can slowly do the transition but this one step will shed 6 pounds a year. Now that don't mean go hog wild on other crap, this is just daily exchanges. As for the other substitute is instead of using may or miracle whip no matter how fat free it is its NOT! Start using mustard, you can start with mixing but end up with the hot spicy brown mustard. I like the one with horseradish, this will also speed your metabolism. And just a fact ALL hot spices speed your metabolism helping to lose weight.
Get a thing of honey mid it with 1 cup of cinnamon mix good put back in the plastic container so it is easy access.
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