Monday, March 25, 2013

Spices to help you sweat

OK we all know that spices improve our health, but did you know that certain spices can help you sweat? Yep and that's what we need in our daily lives in order to get rid of the toxins that build up in our skin. See our skin is a great big spongy organ, think about it when you are in the water too long you feel weighed down. You are water logged, the same applies to the crap in the air. Everything gets absorbed in our skins like pesticides, cigarette smoke or exhaust from the cars just to name a few. I know you shower daily well i HOPE you shower daily but soap only gets the outside clean. Now don't get me on the chemicals in soap that get absorbed in your skin. However the one thing that can cleanse your skin is a really good sweat. You can get it from exercising, sitting in a sauna or some just sweat. I was never a big time sweater type of person until i started using organic products yet another blog my friends. There are a few spices you can add to your food daily to help you with the process. Ginger, my mother would make a ginger tea when i was little and sick and the whole day of drinking it i sweat like crazy. By the next day i was feeling back to normal. You can use powdered or fresh, i use either one. just boil water and throw enough ginger in there that its a bit spicy, you can sweeten it with honey to taste. I like spicy anything so I'm straight up ginger!
Now the other spice of life that helps you sweat are peppers!!! Yes my friends any kind of hot peppers, hot sauce or powdered pepper will do. I sprinkle it on everything, not only does it help you sweat which is a skin cleanser but it helps with so many other issues like lowers cholesterol, speeds metabolism, and it helps fire up the LIBADO! But we are talking about the skin and how to help you sweat so you are a little healther and you can lose weight faster too. 
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