Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Biscuits can be used for WHAT?

Hi there again, today i will be telling you many different things you can make with biscuits. Be sure you have your kids help with these, i started teaching my kids to cook at age 5, why you ask. A cookbook is everything they need to know to get a great start in life. Not only will it give you time with the kids it also, makes them feel like their doing a big person job plus they have to learn to read and do math! Both of my kids are excellent in the kitchen especially my 17 year old son. Yep the girls love the fact he knows how to cook and I'm not talking about hamburger helpers, that's for beginners! 
Doughnuts! my mom always used an old Rx bottle that was cleaned and made a hole in the middle of the biscuit (doughnut holes)  then she would deep fry them till they floated to the top then she would toss them in powdered sugar or what ever icing and sprinkles you have around. let the kids do the coating the grease will be hot. Let them snatch a doughnut hole if they want:)
Turnovers! Take your biscuits and roll them out flat, my kids just used their hands and pounded them always fun for the little kids. Mow for the filling that's up to you, apples, fruit or any kind of pie filling. All you have to do is put a tablespoon in the center fold it over and press the edges and bake. If you wanted you wanted to use meat or cheese those are yummy too.
Pizzas! Yes a favorite of all kiddos, roll them out and let the kids have at it. I like to chop all the toppings up and put in different bowls so the kids can pick what they like. 
You get the ideas, there are hundreds of stuffing's or toppings you can use. Enjoy these simple recipes.
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